I guess the best way to start this blog is to give a little background of myself…

My name Is Jonathan WIlkinson, I live in the village of Fort Hunter in upstate NY, with my partner Rob.

I am a Hairstylist and licensed massage therapist, I work at our spa “Spa Virgo” on Lark Street in Albany, NY…

When I was younger I loved farm animals I had several family members with them. and I always loved to go to their houses then I grew up and thought I outgrew it..

I will say the transition I have gone through in the past 15 years or so is kind of amusing.

When I was 13 I started to really realize I was gay and by the time I was 21 I had transitioned into the sparkly glittery little twink, by 25 I had def turned into to this relatively sharp tounged  (still glittery) queen. by 29 I was already a Hairstylist who dropped the glitter, and decided to go to Massage school, now at 32 I have a differant sparkle. I live in a little village with my partner 3 dogs 2 cats and dozen chickens, I guess I never really did out grow it, it just kind of got a little burried under the sparkle and glitter (actually it wasn’t glitter it was body shimmer from a popular soap and lotion store of the early 2000’s…




2 responses to “Me!

  1. Your story made me smile and reminds me of my son. When he was 13 he knew he was gay (and had done for some time) but he bought a poster of a semi naked female on a motorbike and out it on his wall.
    That sorted me out. I had always known he was gay (since he was about 2) and I got such a shock when I saw the poster. I thought all that time I had been wrong.
    At 17 he sat me in my room and told me he was gay and I as so shocked all over again. I asked him about the poster and he told me he had bought it to trick me so that I wouldn’t think he was gay! Don’t ya just love it!

    • The things we did to try to conceal, a truth we didnt even want to admit to ourselves…. How old is your son now? I am happy your enjoying my blog… I do belive it is going to be more than just chickens…

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