The egg was laid…

It was shortly after Rob and I started dating. We would be on the phone for a minimum of 2 hours at night, one evening we were talking and he had said, one day he would like to have a few chickens that were happy and healthy, for fresh eggs he thought that these organic eggs companies were too serious about thier marketing and all he could picture was these hens on treadmills staying fit and healthy. so I took the idea and ran with it remembering all the chickens my one uncle had when I was a kid and thought it would be fun….

I never really cared for the way hens were treated in the factories, (youtube a video) I thought it was cruel which is probably why I never really ate too many eggs at home, I would have them once in a while, but  I really only ate them when I would go out to breakfast…. MORE on facory farms in a future post!

I went to the bookstore and found the book titled  “Raising Chickens For Dummies” it is a great book and certainly gives you enough knowledge to get started and  I would look up differant Chickens, to find out what kind we might like. Rob and I even went to this one farm  near where he lived she had Cochins Australorps and several other types of chickens, we decided that we either wanted  Cochin and or Australorp

I was getting excited about the prospect of having chickens I did all sorts of research I talked to people who had chickens I read books I found articles online I found websites, It was exciting for me…. It was settled we would one day have chickens…

I am  a Taurus so when I get an idea in my head I don’t give up on it or forget about it easily….

So the eggs was laid!


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