The egg is being incubated.

Now I needed to figure out how and where I was going to get a chicken house and chickens. I would look online for chicken houses, and brand new they were starting at 5 and 6 hundred dollars for one that would fit 6 Large birds and the ones that would fit 10 or more birds were like 1000 to 1500 dollars, that was, well quite a bit out of my price range, My thought is what if I dont like it, I don’t want to invest all of this money, that I wont get back if I try to sell everything. so I searched Craigslist daily, and I cam across a posting of a person selling her flock of chickens because she was moving, I wasn’t quite ready for the hens, But I sent her a message asking if she was selling the hen house and how much she wanted for it. Her reply was yes and she would take 75 dollars for the house, I was so excited I told Rob and we went out that day to look at it and take it If I liked It. We arrived at her house and she showed us the hen house, I think I was a little less than impressed with it, it was kind of, well very drafty looking the only real plus to it is that it had a I metal roof, So we took it, I figured I could fix it up a bit and throw some paint on it and make it look a little better. I bought some plywood and lined the inside of it Rob’s father Paul rebuilt the roof for me and reattached the metal roofing, I cut a couple windows in the sides and put chicken wire in over them to secure it from predators, and then I painted it yellow thae same colour of the our house and garage It looked great, I was pleased with it… Now I was well on my way to getting Chickens. The question would be Where would I get them???

Untitled by forthunterhens
Untitled, a photo by forthunterhens on Flickr.


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