Tammy-Louise and Henrietta

Untitled by forthunterhens
Untitled, a photo by forthunterhens on Flickr.

Henrietta to the left Tammy-Louise to the right

The first 2 chickens we got were Silver Laced Wynadottes. they were about 4 to 5 months old when we got them, so it would still be a little while before they would start to lay eggs. it seemed like it took foreeeeevvvvvver for them to start laying, but one day Rob and I got home from work and thier was this tiny egg rite in front of the fence in the chicken yard, like it was laid thier purposely, so we would see it as we entered the front gate of our yard I was so excited, our first egg… It only took a couple weeks and we were getting like 8 eggs a week from the 2 of them together, which simply wasn’t enough, I needed more chickens….

Chickens are kind of like tatoos or body piercings, like you say Im only going to get 1 and 1 turns into 2 etc, Chickens are addicting because thier are so many breeds and they all lay differant colours or shades or sizes, you eventually just want one of every breed.


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