I wanted more!

So 2 birds wasn’t enough I wanted more, so I called Marie the lady I Bought Tammy-Louise and Henreitta from to see if she had 3 more I could buy and of course she did, I told her it didn’t matter what breed I just wanted them to be young preferably not laying yet, and she was able to meet my requirements, Rob and I went to go pick them up a few days later, she gave us a cute Little Black Silkie we a Black Jersey Giant and MIxed breed ( I beleive a Red Star) I thought for sure they would be fine together being as they had actually came in the same order as day old chicks, of course it could be that easy thier was drama on the first day, the wouldn’t go near eachother and when they did it was to try and get in a good peck. that night the new girls went in to the hen house and Tammy-Louise and Henrietta refused, well they will just have to sort this out…..


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