Just one more!

I felt kind of bad for the little, the other girls were so much bigger, and the Wynadottes were thier own click and the Jersey Giant and mixed breed were thier own click, and the Silkie was on her own. SSSOOOOOO I called Marie again and asked if she had another Silkie for sale, and she did I picked her up the next day she was this pretty little grey puff ball… I got her home and went to take her out of the box and she started pecking my hand ask squaking and buh-gawking like you wouldn’t believe, finally I got her out of the box and she tried to attack one of the bigger birds, I thought “oh dear this is not going to go well” so I let them be and let them sort it out… That night and for the next 3 night the new gray Silkie slept on top of the hen house and would not go in I tried to put her in on the first night, but she went all psyco and “Mommy Dearest” on me. so I sai the hell with the chicken run was fully enclosed with welded wire on all the sides and top and it was summer so she slept outside…. The Gray Silkie and the BLack SIlkie never did see eye to eye and never did form a bond like the other girls…


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