Before I go any further introducing the animals of The Fort Hunter Hens, I need to introduce my partner of 2 and a half years Rob, he is the most important part of The Fort Hunter Hens…. We met nearly 10 years ago, but at that time we weren’t meant to be together and we lost touch rather quickly. He is also a massage therapist, and rite after I graduated from massage school, he sent me a message on another social networking site asking me if I would like to join in a hot stone massage training at his spa that he was instructing. Being fresh out of school I jumped at the chance, for one I was eager to learn what I could to help me be a well rounded massage therapist, and well to be honest I have, had a crush on him that was nearly a decade old, and would not let the chance to be in his company pass by… So I said I would be there, and it went well… He was looking for an employee… A couple weeks later we decided to go on a date, that went very well… From that night till I moved in nearly a year later we spoke on the phone every night for a minimum of like 2 hours… He may have been looking for an employee, but what he got was a boyfriend… It is funny how things work themselves out.
he is very supportive of my chicken hobby, and he likes the birds also, and is willing to help me when needed, like locking them away at night if I have a late client and he feeds them if I’m not home before him in the evening…

Rob also helpes me to evolve as a person on a daily basis…


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