Untitled by forthunterhens
Untitled, a photo by forthunterhens on Flickr.

This is Jorge, and yes she is a hen, she was named by Rob’s nephew…
Jorge was always a docile gentle bird, she was so docile that she just blended into the background, though really she was like Sunshines’ little well actually big shadow, she stands to my knee. She is a Black Jersey Giant and lives up to to her breed name….

When Sunshine fell ill thier was a change in Jorge a complete metamorphasis Jorge started to take control not fully though, she would still not be to far away from Sunshine at any point she was always close. and she would always wait for Sunshine to start eating before she would and she would still let Sunshine be the first out of the hen house in the morning.
After Sunshines death she totally took control and was no longer in the background. She truly in the epitome of a matriarch, she is beautiful she has a stunning beetle green and purple sheen to her feather when the sun reflects off of them her comb is like a bright red crown placed on top of her head, and her movements graceful. Jorge is always in control… Jorge is very people friendly well she is very friendly to me… Jorge also lays these beautiful big brown eggs, she lays about 3 to 4 a week….

I keep hoping that she goes broody because I would love for her to raise a chick or 2. Though she has not mothered chicks herself she always interested in the baby chicks that I have gotten and is never aggressive to them.

Untitled by forthunterhens
Untitled, a photo by forthunterhens on Flickr.


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