Unfortunatley Sunshine died about a month ago, but she is still a very important part of the Fort Hunter Hens…
Sunshine was the matriarch of my little flock. When I would let them out in the morning she was the first out, and the first to eat. Their were several times when I didn’t move fast enough for her liking, and she would jump up at my hand as if to say “Move quicker, I’m hungry!”


When I first got her, I didnt think she was anything spectacular, I actually really didnt think she was a pretty bird I thought she was average and run of the mill chickens and didn’t think she would have any kind of personality… I was wrong, she turned out to be the most beautiful hen and had alot of personality, she was strong and sturdy and had such luster in her feather. She would always meet me at the door to the chicken yard waiting for her scratch in the afternoon, and I would talk to her and she would cluck and ba-gawk back as if she and I were having a conversation… She would even let me pick her up with no resistance…


Sunshine was a prolific egg layer, I swear this lady laid an egg every day and some days I am certain she laid 2… Her eggs were big and beautiful they were brown with what looked like a slight rose hugh to them and of course the yolk was always a rich beautiful dark orange… You have never tasted eggs so good…

One day I just noticed Sunshine not acting normal, she was standing away from the flock and her once bright red comb and wattles has turned a duller less red shade, and for a hen she would normally stand so tall but she was more pulled into herself and looked half her normal size. I treated her with and natural treatment of garlic infused oil over scratch and layer feed that works as a natura antibiotic, that worked a little she got some colour back for about a week and then slipped back down, so I treated with an antibacterial drinking water solution, and that actually made no differance the garlic infused oil made more a differance… (I wasn’t concerned about the other girls I felt in my gut what she had was not contagious, and the other girls are still alive and well) I feel that Sunshine laid herself to death, She just laid so many eggs in such a short period of time I don’t think she could physically keep up with it… I will say this, that lady held rank till the day she died, the night before I found her dead, I put them away that night she went rite to the top bar of the roost, she died during the night when I went out in the morning she was dead under the top bar… It was a very sad moment for The Fort Hunter Hens…

When I got her I was told she was an Americuana, that is what she came in the order as, but after she started laying brown eggs I started to do research to find out what she was, and it turned out to be a Red Star or Black Star…


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