Untitled by forthunterhens
Untitled, a photo by forthunterhens on Flickr.

This little girl is Fluffy she is a Silkie.

Fluffy is no longer with us, she was attacked by my neighbors dog the dog didn’t finish it so I had to break her neck to kill her. thier was no way she could ever recover and I didn’t want her to suffer so I did what I had to do, (If you’re reading this Errin I love you) I beleive if you are going to have chickens or the like, you really need to be able to do that, so they don’t suffer needlessly. Don’t get me wrong I was devastated to the point of tears and almost gave up my back yard flock

I feel I need to back up for a minute, I was devastated because of the following On Friday I can home to find LIttle-Chicky the baby Fluffy hatch dead in the yard by this point he was 3 months or so old I am pretty confident he was a he, so I cam home to find him dead I believe a cat came in the yard and he was trying to protect the flock and took the brunt of it, So young and he was already in protector mode then on Sunday is when Sunshine died and on Monday Fluffy suffered her fate… So It was just alot to happen in a matter of 4 days and it was my breaking point, I didnt think I would ever cry over chickens and not a little cry but it was a hard cry… They arent just chickens to me they really are pets no differant than my dogs or cats
I will say that a domestic dog as much as I love them are the worste predator, becuase more aften than not they have no fear of people…

Fluffy had a very quirky personailty she was quite silly to look at and for being a whopping 3 pounds at best, she was a tough little cookie and didn’t for one second let the other ladies boss he around…. When it came to hatching a chick and raising 2 other chicks and 2 ducklings she was all bussiness, though for the first couple of days when I added the other babies she wasn’t all to thrilled but she did the job like a champ… When she wasn’t broody or raising babies she was a decent egg layer…

Fluffy came at the same time as Sunshine and Jorge..


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