To medicate or not to medicate?

Tomorrow morning when I feed and water the chickens I will medicate them with Sulmet, it is an antibacterial drinking water solution. Today I notice Lavonda my Aracuana Sneezing horribly, I didnt notice any discharge coming from her nostrils or eyes but then Latrelle my Speckled Sussex and Tina my Mottled Houdan sneezed a couple times. So better safe than sorry, and this is the prime opportunity to medicate them being as the older girls are molting and not laying eggs and the younger girls haven’t started laying yet and you can’t eat the for a few weeks, so this is a great time to do this…

I don’t beleive you should keep your animals medicated like feeding medicated food a rule, but I do feel that when neccessary you should medicate, It’s for thier weel-being…. I know people get on a soap box about medication and antibiotics and vaccinations, but it’s my opinion that used properly they are perfectly fine. I mean dont get me wrong I have my own chickens because I dont like how they are treated in factories and only eat medicated food and are pumped full of antibiotics, I think that’s wrong, but to get treated a couple times a year that is a differant story entirely. if your not in agreement with me I respect your opinion but just imagine if your parents didnt vaccinate you as a baby or give you or give you antibiotics when you had a bacterial infection or medication when you were sick, you would probably be dead and not made it in to your teens…

I feel you should medicate when neccessary, why let a perfectly good animal die from.something perfectly treatable.


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