Untitled by forthunterhens
Untitled, a photo by forthunterhens on Flickr.

This is Mika our Bichon, we have had him for just over a year he is 3 years old. we found him on craigslist his former owners “no longer had time for him” Craigslist is a great place to get slightly used older dogs that people are just throwing out. (perhaps more on that in a future post)
when Mika came to us, he knew no commands excpet dance (when I learn to upload videos I will upload one of that) and he wasn’t house broken, at all. Thank goodness Faith loves to be outside, because when she would go out he would go out, he eventually learned that is where he was suppose to go, but it took 6 months and then another 2 for him to let us know when he needed to go, it was slightly stressful , I mean Faith was 14 weeks when we got her and by 15 weeks she got it and would ring a bell on the door to let us know she needed to go out…

Mika is a great dog, he loves Rob to death, and well as far as Faith, that is his number 1, he adores Clarrah (the white cat) he wants to adore Bella (the black and white cat) but she really doesn’t like any of the other animals except Clarrah, as far as me he loves me as long as I don’t disiplime him, he can be vedictive and If you yell at him he will TRY to pee on something of yours…
as you can see in the pics he loves the other animals and he can be quite the clown, like when he wants a cookie…

If your considering a Bichon, be prepared to spend alot of time with them, they are difficult to housebreak much like the dauchshund and they may be smarter than any other dog you may have ever had, so when they don’t listen its not because thier stupid it’s because they are processing what you are telling them, and making an executive decision as to whether they want to actually do it or not.

Mika and Faith became fast friends and now they are inseprable, I have never seen 2 dogs so in love with eachother


Untitled by forthunterhens
Untitled, a photo by forthunterhens on Flickr.



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