The rooster crows


Francis The Second is our rooster he is a Mottled Houdan he is about 5 months old, and wasn’t crowing until yesterday. Well it was an attempt at a crow it kind of sounded like a deranged Bagawk mixed with a cluck and perhaps a burp and sneeze all at once, it was quite amusing…

I really had no intention on getting a rooster, but my hand was forced after a cat or something came in the yard and killed Little-Chicky, who I didn’t know was a roo, and the the dog attack on Fluffy, what choice did I have!?!?!?!?

Francis The second is a beautiful and silly looking Bird, I have only had him a couple weeks so he is still abit skiddish of me hopefully that will change… All of the other birds have thier own unique personality so am sure he will be no differant…

He is Francis The Second because I did have another Francis I got him the day that Fluffy was attacked, he was a Black Cochin. He was young just a couple of monthe so the older girls would chase him and one day they chased him into the duck pool and he couldn’t get out, and drowned, he was a very people friendly little guy for being so young he like to be pet on his neck under his beak. IF I knelt down he would jump on my knee so I would pet him….



2 responses to “The rooster crows

  1. I am sorry about Francis the First. But Francis the Second is…., well,…. beautiful as well. But when I got to the second photo bending over the food bowl, I couldn’t help but to laugh a wee bit out loud. He just looks so…., well,….cute. 🙂 With his long legs, his fluffy little hat and his gorgeous colours. I hope he didn’t mind me giggling. It was with him and not at him.

    • He is quite ridiculous yet very pretty, the white puff next to him is a White Crested Blue Polish hen and I also have a Mottled Houdan hen, I have yet to introduce, I should have some interesting chicks in the spring.

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