This Clarrah, she is. 7 weeks and 5 days old in this picture. She will be 1 year old on October 29, 2012. When we first got Clarrah she was having issues using the the litter box. I did research and all of her symptoms pointed to her having a urinary tract infection, so we brought her to the vet he ran tests and it came back negative for the UTI he asked if she had been tested for Feline Leukemia, it was her first visit so we had her tested. It came back positive! It was quite shocking news. We corrected the litter box avoidance with Dr. Elsey’s kitten attract kitty litter it works amazingly. Rob let his friend who gave us the kitten know so she could get the mother tested and so the other folks who took kittens could get them tested. They all tested negative even the mother. It is still unknown how she got this she was never around any other cat who had feline leukemia. Clarrah has been the best cat, she made her place In our home and heart bet quickly, and as far as the other animals it was as if she were always here. I think because of her interactions with the dogs she became very dog like, she would meet you at the door she would lick you. If the dogs were getting a treat she would want one she is so very affectionate. This post is coming because I think Clarrah may be at the end of her journey and time here with us… She has only been on this earth with us a little less than a year, but she spent that year playing and loving life. She always had another cat to play with 2 dogs to play with 2 people who adore and love her and a dozen chickens to watch. This little girl could be sitting I’m the middle of the floor and jump 5 ft strait up in the air and catch a fly in her paw. We will bring her to the vet tomorrow and see what if anything can be done for her. I am hoping something can be done to save her. If nothing can be done, thier is a quote I once read in a pet sympathy card and it was “The last act of love and kindness you can show your pet, is knowing when it’s time to say goodbye” It’s funny how a little kitten can affect your life so much. The one down fall of having so many pets is that you have to go through this heartache over and over. On a happier note The antibiotics helped the chickens their no more coughing it sneezing. However I did loose Mabel one of my buff orpingtons but that is another post. Please pray to your God(s) for Clarrah. Pray for what ever is in the highest and greatest good to happen.