355 days

Last Friday on October 19 2012, we had to put our dear sweet Clarrah to sleep, She was only 355 days old not even 1 year old. she had Feline Leukemia. Our veterinarian said that she would have 1 to 3 years, I was hoping for the 3, but It wasn’t in the cards…. She was perfectly fine until she went into heat then something happened she started to decline after that. (I feel that if we had her spayed and subjected her to surgery, she would have died sooner), It was slow at first she was just off, not her regulary bubbly crazey self, then thier was something clearly wrong, so we got her an antibiotic for her and that did help for a bit before she plateaud with it then started to decline again while on it, she fought me she no longer wanted to take it. so we gave her a couple more days… She wasn’t in pain or suffering, she was eating and drinking, but it was getting more and more clear that she was starting to get uncomfortable and even more and more clear that she wasn’t going to recover, that the Feline Leukemia was progressing and thier was no turning back… When I woke up friday morning, She looked at me and meowed, she had that look, she let me know it was time for her to go… so when Rob woke, I waited an hour for him to have coffee and read and do his morning rituals, then I told him that I thought we should make arrangements for Clarrah, He agreed it was time. So we called a vet close to out home, CLarrah hated drives in the car, our regular vet wasn’t working and his office in 40 minutes from our house and this vets office is a 5 minute drive. so I called and she was able to take us at 2:30, she was so kind and gentle witrh both Clarrah and me and Rob. it was very quick and very calm and CLarrah was gone….

While Clarrah was only on this earth for 355 days this little girl lived life to the fulles we got her when she was just about 8 weeks old and from that day she was crazy amd playul she had no fear of Faith or Mika or Bella from the second she got acclimated in the house she was playing rough and hard with the dogs that are 15 and 13 pounds heavier and could crush her, but they were as gente as they could be with her, she never got hurt and Bella wanted nothing to do with her, but Clarrah was irresistable and finally found Bella’s soft spot in her heart.

Clarrah was also very dog like she would actually jump up on you and lick you like the dogs would it was very peculiar. she was smart as acould be also and made assocaitions with thing, such as the sound of the alarm i usse to wake up is a rooster crowing, when she would hear this she would start to wake me up then on days that my alarm wasn’t set to go off, I could figure out whey she was waking me up at like 5 or 6 in the morning, then I realsed she was hearing the neighbors rooster crow and associated it with my alarm and time for met o get up. she made alot of associations or she knew that when Mika got his pill that it was time for a treat so when she heard a pill bottle shake she would go nuts for a treat, she was a smart little girl probably the smartest cat I have ever known….

Her death is a great loss and life has been changed forever…

she lived everyday to its fullest I am sure she knew that her life would be cut short so she had no time to waste with down time, she lived everyday like it was her last…. people could take a lesson from her…


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